Welcome to Gentle Blessing’s Newborn Care Training website.

We are so proud to present this newborn care training opportunity to Newborn Care Specialists, Nannies, Doulas, RN/LPN, child care workers or anyone interested in newborn care as a career.

This training will begin with a Basic class and continue to the Master’s classes.

Our plans include traveling throughout the U.S. to offer these classes.  If you feel your city would benefit from this advanced training please contact either Katie or Nancy for more details.


The Master’s Class is awesome.  We do not to cookie cut the classes.  We will use different experts for the Master’s class at each place we present. We include up to 20 different speakers for the Master’s class.   If you are an expert in your field please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to talk to you.




If you are looking for NCSA Approved online classes, try Gentle Venture’s Training Center or Multiple Blessings.   

Watch this site for Gentle Blessings’ Basic and Advanced Newborn Care Specialist ONLINE course.  Coming soon!!!!

Feel free to go to our curriculum page for classes that we provide.

I had the opportunity to attend Gentle Blessings Basic Newborn Care Training Workshop presented by Nancy Hamm and Katie Morin. I have been caring for children for the past 12 years, 6 of which specializing in newborns/infants and multiples. I also have a degree in Child Development and many infant/toddler related certificates and training’s. So you can imagine the knowledge and experience that I must have….well Nancy and Katie put together one of the most impressive and comprehensive class I have ever attended. I have been recommending it to all of my fellow peers in the field, mothers and friends who have the desire to acquire some of the best and latest information and research out there. Nancy’s and Katie’s 20 plus years of experience and wisdom answered all the questions I had and I walked away feeling more confident and excited to share and integrate into the way in which I care for children. Thank you so much!     Heather McGrath

For in person classes read on.

Basic Class has no prerequisite other than a deep love for newborns and basic experience Newborn Care Trainingwith newborns.  This may include your own children, being a Nanny or working in any child care position that involves newborns.  We do not teach you how to diaper a baby or dress a baby, but honestly we cover everything else.  This Basic class will go beyond any basic class you can take and will cover as much information as Advance courses given by others. This class is more extensive than any class offered in the U.S.  Please go to the testimony page for praise from our students.  You may choose to receive a detailed manual with the basic class.

Sept 8 – 10th, 2017 2nd Annual MASTER’S WORKSHOP IN Las Vegas: The path of Mastery begins here. There are no prerequisites other than a basic Newborn Care Specialist course.


We are approved by the NCSA for certification.