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Welcome to Gentle Blessing’s Progressive Training website.  We are proud to present this opportunity to Newborn Care Specialists and Doulas.

This training will begin with a Basic class and continue through Level 2 and Level 3 Advance classes.

Our plans include traveling throughout the U.S. to offer these classes.  If you feel your city would benefit from this advance training please contact either Katie or Nancy for more details.

Feel free to go to your curriculum page for classes that we provide.

These classes are offered by 2 of the most qualified, experience and Certified Newborn Care Specialist in the country.  They both are Advanced Certified and together have over 50 years of experience.  Nancy Hamm and Katie Morin have been teaching classes for many years and have decided to combine their talents to produce the ultimate classes.

The Basic Class has no prerequisite other than a deep love for newborns and basic experience with newborns.  It can be your own children,  being a Nanny or working in any child care position that involves newborns.  We do not teach you how to diaper a baby or dress a baby, but honestly I think we cover everything else.  This Basic class will go beyond any basic class you can take.  This class is more extensive than any class offered in the U.S.  Please go to the testimony page for praise from our students.

Our Level 2 class has the prerequisite is a Basic class.  You may take that Basic class through anyone qualified to teach a newborn care class for Newborn Care Specialists or the instructors discretion.

Our Level 3 class has the prerequisite of a Basic class + the Level 2 Class and 2 years of experience as a Newborn Care Specialist or the instructors discretion.

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