Basic Curriculum

We are approved by the NCSA for certification. 

Please be advised that our BASIC Class is what others are teaching in their ADVANCED class.  Our basic classes goes beyond any other basic or advanced class.  We want you to continue learning and we want to do the same.  If you have any questions about how or what we teach be sure to contact either Katie or Nancy


 The NCS career, Premature infants – Kangaroo Care – Newborn Necessities – Nursery Suggestions – Newborn Baby- Milestones – Newborn Reflexes – Home with Newborn – Bath time –  Why do babies cry – Pacifiers –  Scheduling a baby – Multiples – Marketing

Soothing and Swadding

Crying it out – Things to remember – Parenting with emotions – Giving your baby a gift – Daytime activity – Clothing rules –  Why Babies Cry – Teaching a Baby to self soothe – Soothing methods – Swaddling – Why parents do not swaddle – Most common swaddling mistakes – Comprehensive report on swaddling and research – How to swaddle


Formula’s explained – dangers of soy and DHA/ARA, Organic formula’s – Bottle and Formula usage- Choosing Formulas – Standard formulas – Dangers of Soy –  Hypoallergenic formulas –  DHA/ARA and the dangers of artificial – Bottle feeding – Types of bottles and nipples – When to sterilize


 Positions described – Breastfeeding issues – Pumping and Feeding – Guidelines for breast milk – Foods for nursing mother’s to avoid –   The benefits of breastfeeding Anatomy of the breast – Hormones produced – Let down – 3 types of breast milk – Breast feeding positions – Burping – How to know your baby is getting enough – Breast feeding issues – Engorgement – Blocked ducts – Sore/cracked nipples – Sour Breast Milk Solutions – Typical questions – Le Leache League guide lines – Breast feeding solutions – Nipple confusion

Sleep Conditioning
Scheduling and feeding for sleep conditioning –  Questions commonly asked –  Understanding sleep and issues – Multiples –  Rules to Sleep by – Hints for clients and NCS’s who want to sleep train – Good nap time routine – Why is sleep important 


Reflux and Colic Differentiated – Reflux symptoms – Silent reflux – Reflux and nursing – Natural ways to help – Reflux nest – Probiotic and Digestive Enzymes – Colic – Symptoms – Solutions – RSV – Shaken Baby Syndrome – SIDS- Plagiocephaly – Cradle Cap – Acne – Jaundice – Rubin’s Stages of Post Partum – How do you know if she has PPD – Who gets PPD –  Warning Signs – Edinburgh Post Natal Depression Scale – PPD Assessment Questionnaire, Does she have the blues? – How can she get rid of the blues? – Diaper Rashes, symptoms and solutions

Newborn Safety and Ethics

Newborn safety – Bedding – Cribs and toys – Pacifiers – Changing Tables – Infant seats and Bouncy’s – Swing Safety – Decorating for Safety – General Safety for any Room -interviewing – Time – Dress – Directions – Portfolio – Binder – Resume with numbers – Reference letters – Bio – Certificates – Background report- Client knowledge – Expected duties – Sibling responsibility – Thank you note – Things clients look for – Interviewing mistakes – Reasons employer reject applicants – On the job protocol – Confidentiality – food consumption – Bathroom usage – Cell phone usage – Remove shoes – Ask permission – Don’t get personal – Confirm what is expected of you – Schedule of duties – Problem solving – Billing Invoices – I’m sick – On the job appearance – Scrubs – Makeup – Jewelry – Deodorant – Cleanliness – Cologne – Nails – Exit letter – Insurance – Taxes – Employee or Independent Contractor Contracts


Our training manual is an extensive 200+ page book covering the following subjects.  Our manuals are NOT outlines they are complete manuals.  Be sure to check. Some of the classes will give you only outlines to follow.

Please note…each topic listed below is thoroughly discussed in the manual. For example, we list Reflux but in the manual and course, we cover everything from what Reflux is, what are the symptoms of reflux, how to treat reflux, etc….

What is a NCS?

What are the duties of an NCS?

What is a typical NCS schedule?

What does an NCS charge?

How do we find jobs?

What is the difference between an NCS and other childcare professionals?

What should new parents expect from an NCS?

Communication between the client and NCS

Nursery Checklist and Nursery Product Recommendations

Month by Month Fetal Development

Preemies and how to care for a preemie

Caring for your preemie at home

Kangaroo Care

Caring for Multiples

What a newborn looks like




Milia, Acne and Erythema toxicum

Lip Callus

Male and Female Genitalia

Umbilical Cord Care

Newborn Reflexes

Tongue Tied

Diapering your newborn, Cloth and Disposable Diapers, Cloth Diaper soaking methods Circumcision Care

Clipping Newborn Nails

Umbilical Hernia

Bathing your newborn, Sponge bath, Tub bath, Womb bath,

Baby massage, Soothing stomach distress

Why babies cry, Soothing techniques, Karps 5 S’s, Swaddling, Swaddling mistakes, Swaddling techniques

Understanding Newborn Sleep, Sleep patterns, REM and non-REM sleep, Sleeping rules, Scheduling a newborn, Sleep training methods

The Pacifier pros and cons

Newborn Poop, Poop warning signs

Types of bottles and nipples, Sterilizing Bottles

Formula (handling, preparing, different types, choosing a formula), DHA and ARA, Formula Allergies, Formula Comparison Charts, Formula vs Breastmilk

How much should I feed baby?, Burping baby

Breastfeeding, Process of Milk Production, Increasing Milk Supply, Breastfeeding positions, Nursing tips, Is baby getting enough milk?, Breastfeeding discomfort, Engorgement, Clogged milk ducts, Mastitis, Candida, Storing Breastmilk, How to warm breastmilk

Well baby exam, What to expect at the doctors the first 18 months, Immunizations

Newborn Reflux, Reflux Nest

All about Colic

Newborn Warning Signs

Taking Babies Temperature, How to care for a sick newborn, Projectile Vomiting

Newborn Congestion and Colds, Administering Medications

Diaper Rashes and treatments

Cradle Cap

Shaken Baby Syndrome





Development of the Newborn

Postpartum, Baby Blues, Postpartum Psycosis

Natural Remedies for Baby

Product Safety and Recalls

Interviewing as an NCS, Thank you notes, Things Clients look for, Keeping a file, Portfolio, Daily Logs, On the Job Protocol, Invoices, Exit Letters, Contracts


 If you have a subject that you would like included please feel free to