2017 May Los Angeles Basic Class

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We are approved by the NCSA for certification.

                                                                          BASIC CLASS

                                                                         MAY 6 -7, 2017

8 AM – 5 PM

(location to be determined – probably LA Airport hotel)




 Please see the curriculum here for this class.

This will be taught by Katie Ann Morin founder and teacher of Multiple Blessings and Nancy Hamm founder and teacher of Gentle Ventures.

NOTE:  Nancy and Katie mentor their students at NO CHARGE, that includes help with newborns, clients, resumes and business.  All you have to do is call or email.  BEGINNING AUG 1, 2016 we will ONLY BE MENTORING AND PLACING INTERNS ON JOBS WHO ARE OUR STUDENTS. 

There are no prerequisites for this class other than having a love for newborn babies and basic experience. It may be your own children, being a nanny, child care provider, RN, LPN, Doula or perhaps you have been in the field a long time but never had formal training. This class is for you. We have taught many NICU RN’s.

The manual is not included with the base price. You do not have to have a manual. Should you decide to buy a manual after the class begins there will be a limited amount of manuals available for $75.  There is no guarantee on availability of manuals at class.   If you sign up after April 10th there is no guarantee of a manual.  We must order them 3 weeks before the class.

May LA Basic Class

  • REFUND POLICY*PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds.  If you cannot make the class you may find someone to take your place with them reimbursing you.  If you opt to do this please inform Gentle Blessings.