Free Class

Please feel free to enjoy this first class in its entirety. It is an hour long.  You can view our teaching style and how Katie and Nancy interact. We would love to have you continue with the whole series. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

In the first class (this is only part one of the first class, there are four parts) The entire curriculum is here.

What is an NCS,  Postpartum Terminology, What to charge, What is an Intern, What does a night look like, What are the duties of a NCS, Marketing, How to Market yourself, Nursery Necessities, Nursery Suggestions, Fetal Development, Preemies, Rules for caring for a Preemie, Swaddling, Feeding, Holding a Preemie, Adjusted Age Explained, Apgar explained, Newborn Appearance, Birthmarks,Hearing, Sight, Fontanels, Nasoaxillary Reflex, Skin Irregularities,  Chest and Breasts, Genitals, Finger and Toe Nail Care,  Kangaroo Care

If you can watch this video you will be able to view them all.  Please watch this video on the devise you will be using for class.

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