Online Course

The Only Complete Newborn Care Specialist Course


  • Gentle Blessings is offering the most comprehensive, complete course on the market.
  • We teach basic and advanced methods of sleep training, reflux, multiples, and preemies to name a few.
  • We cover every angle of non-medical newborn care.
  • We provide scientific research to back up the methods we use.
  • We also offer additional videos in our classes to show you other expert opinions.  We will not be offering optional classes because we include all the optional classes in this course.
  • If you are looking for a class to take for hours for NCSA certification, you may take a pay-as-you-go class.
  • We offer Failure to Thrive, The Death of a Baby, Radical Attention Deficit, Communication, Sleep Conditioning and Sleep Training along with how to do consultations.  Please see our curriculum here.

Newborn Nanny Class


  • Include the above curriculum and additional subjects
  • Ages 0 – 18 months included
  • Age Appropriate Activities
  • Scheduling
  • Sleep
  • Age Appropriate Diet
  • Potty Training
  • Travel
  • Sun tips
  • Teething
  • CPR
  • Sibling Interaction
  • Discipline

On-Line Course Facts

  • These classes are online and must be viewed on this website.
  • They are downloads via YouTube but can only be viewed on the website.  You should be able to view them on your Ipad, Phone, Laptop or Desktop Computer.  If you cannot download them it is not a website issue but a block on your computer.  Be sure you can view the classes by viewing the Free Class before purchasing the entire course.
  • All classes are subtitled.
  • This course is taught by two of the most prominent leaders in newborn care in the nation.  Katie Morin and Nancy Hamm are both Advanced Certified Newborn Care Specialist, both own and operate separate training centers (Multiple Blessings and Gentle Ventures).
  • Gentle Blessings’ mentor all of their students for life.  Many of the classes will be taught with both teachers.   You can see their profiles on the Our Team

The entire course plus the manual (over 275 pages) may be purchased in 3 ways:

  1.  Pay as you go  – each class will be priced separately and you may take classes in any order you choose.
  2.  You can  purchase the NCS course and the manual.
  3.  You can purchase the NCS course only.
  4.  You can purchase the NCSNN course and the manual
  5.   You can purchase the NCSNN course without the manual