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Gentle Blessings’
Newborn Care Specialist
And Newborn Nanny Course

Former Students of Gentle Blessings, Gentle Ventures, and Multiple Blessings can take the course huge discount.  (No discount on manual)

Gentle Blessings’ instructor’s Katie Morin and Nancy Hamm have combined their expertise, experience, and knowledge to produce a course for Newborn Care Specialist unlike any other.

  • We begin with fundamental concepts, progressing to advanced care.
  • Advanced subjects included , many covered only in advanced classes, including a complete sleep conditioning/training course, multiply and preemie care, and formula composition.
  • Prenatal  and baby development covered, along wide th failure to thrive, the death of a child, RAD, the mind of a child, communication, why it is important to go green with a child, resume building, how to apply at an agency, marketing,  and much more.
  • For the complete list, please check out our curriculum page. 
  • The NCS course consists of 12 classes with over 28 hours. All these classes are online. We use scientific research, videos and experience to make these classes unique.
  • Our Newborn Nanny Course (NN) has 16 classes and also includes all the information in the Newborn Care Specialist course.  It covers up to 18 months including potty training, sibling interaction, teething, traveling with the baby, CPR, fun in the sun, when a child calls you ‘mommy,’  appropriate foods and activities, appropriate nap schedules and more. See the curriculum page.
  • We mentor all our students from the time they take the course until they no longer need us.
  • We also offer our students special prices on contracts and additional classes (should we have some to offer that are not in the course).
  • The manual is a must have, but not required, and is extra. It is a complete manual, which we update at every reprint. There may be some information in the manual that is not in class and some information in the class that is not in the manual. The manual when purchased is sent out priority mail, and that is included in the purchase price when ordered.
  • You have one year to complete the course, and after that, there will be an additional charge to open the class.
  • You must successfully complete a test and homework to receive a completion certificate. If you have any test taking phobias, please let us know. We can do an oral test or give you more time on the test. You may also receive a second chance to take the test.

REFUND: Please watch the first video free and be sure this is the class you want to take. If you receive the manual with the class, there are no refunds. If you purchase the course only, you may receive a refund if you have received the first password and listened to the first class only. If you have received the password for any class after the first class, there is no refund. You will be deducted for taking the first class ($100) from your total refund. This refund is only good for seven days after your initial purchase.

If you have any questions either Katie or Nancy would be happy to speak to you. You can email us, or you can reach us at 602-412-8497


GB NCS Course


The following is for NCS and NCS/NN classes (paypal will not allow for all 16 classes so only the first ten are included – the last six will be invoiced at the rate of $50 each).  Be sure to specify in your email if you want the NCS or the NCS/NN class

Pay as you Go Classe NCS AND NCS/NNs

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Pay as you Go Classe NCS AND NCS/NNs