Nursery Necessities

Nursery Necessities

Single Baby

Because many first-time parents feel overwhelmed by trying to ensure that they have all of the necessary items for their new baby, we have made a list of things you will need and want.

*Items marked with an asterisk are the items you will need to have before the baby comes home from the hospital. Items that are underlined are highly suggested items.


    • *Changing table
    • *Changing table pad
    • *Changing table pad cover (terry cloth)-2
    • *Newborn diapers-100 minimum 7 Generation recommended
    • *High-quality baby wipes1+ packages WaterWipes
    • *Diaper rash cream
    • *Diaper pail
    • *Diaper pail liners or trash bags, whichever your pail requires
    • *Soap at every sink ( hand soap in pump bottle is easy)

Bathing/Health & Hygiene

____ *Newborn nail clippers-1

____   Baby emery boards-1 pack

____ *Nasal aspirator Nose Freda is the best FridaBaby Nasal Aspirator .

____ *Saline drops-1

____ *Colic Calm, Colic Ease for gas

____ *Thermometer (rectal is the only accurate thermometer – forehead not recommended – ear – must be over   3 months to use

____ *Vaseline or KY Jelly (preferably a tube) Gelee is the natural lubricant for boy baby circumcision.

____   Small space heater (for bath time, optional and only needed in winter)

____   Infant towels-2

____ *Baby washcloths-2

____   Liquid baby soap ( Avalon, Aubrey’s, Burt’s Bees, Healthy Timez ) 1 bottle

____   Baby lotion- (Avalon, Aubrey’s, Burt’s Bees, Healthy Timez)1 pump bottle

____   *baby hair brush

Always use 100% natural organic products. Read the ingredients. Not all organic products are organic.


Bottle Feeding Even if breast feeding have a small amount of formula on hand to take off the pressure of a hungry baby and a new breast feeding mom.

____ *Formula Baby’ Only Organic Formula  Toddler’s Formula, Honest Company, Holle or Hipp European formulas  If           you are considering Soy please talk to me first. Soy is NOT for babies, ever.

____   Bottles-6 of the 4 ounce bottles (Dr. Browns needs no liner and Playtex Nursers does need the liner)

____ *Bottles-6 of the 8 ounce bottles (Dr. Browns or Playtex Nursers)

____ *Nipples-slow flow-6

____ *Nipples-fast flow-6

____ *Bottle liners-1 large boxes of 4 ounce liners

____   Bottle liners-1 box of 8 ounce liners

____ *Nipple basket for dishwasher

____ *Bottle drying rack

____*Liquid dish washing soap

____ *Burp cloths-5 or more (thick cloth diapers work great)

____ *Bibs-5 or more small

____  Breast milk storage bags, if feeding expressed breast milk

____ *Breast pump (if breastfeeding), hospital grade

 Clothing and Bedding

____ A going home outfit (if you want one)

____ *Onesies (short sleeves; no legs)-10

____ *Sleepers (long sleeves; long legs)-5 or more

____ *Newborn gowns-8 (sweet pea gowns with elastic on bottom – fast change at night)

____ *Receiving blankets-2 Miracle Blankets, 3 cotton weave stretch blankets

____ *Infant socks-4 (you don’t really need socks if baby is born during hot weather)

____   *Crib sheets- 3

____ *Crib sheet savers- 3

____ *Crib mattress pad (waterproof)-2

____   Crib bumper- don’t recommend for safety reasons

____   Mobile Symphony in Motion is great


____ *Dreft detergent

____ *Zout for stains

____ *Small sock laundry bag or lingerie bag

____ *Laundry hamper for nursery

On the Go

____ *Infant car seat (with cushioned head supporter) have fireman install this the first time

____   Stroller-your choice, you know what features are important to you

____   Portable crib-Pack & Play (if you want one)

____   Extra sheet(s) for portable crib

____   Carrying pack  – Baby Bjorn

____ *Diaper bag-your choice, you know what features are important to you

____ *Plastic changing pad (will probably come in the diaper bag)

____ *Travel baby wipes case

____   Divided formula container for diaper bag


____ *Crib

____ Crib mattress

_____* 3 cotton fitted shirts – no t-shirt material

____ *Changing table

_____* Changing pads 12×18 for under babies head and bottom in bed

____ *Dresser, chest of drawers, or armoire for baby’s clothes

____ *Baby monitors

____ *Gliding, stuffed chair for nursing

____ *Ottoman for chair

____ *Side table large enough for clock, bottle(s), etc.

____ *Pacifiers-4

____ *Bassinet (optional)

____ *Bassinet sheets-2

____   Diaper stacker (optional, not necessary)

____ *Bouncy seats

____   Swing

____   Take-along swing (optional but quite convenient)

____ *Feeding pillow   Boppy Luxe

____   Nursery lamp (if you must buy, get a dark shade and dim bulb)

____   CD player and lullaby CDs for nursery (not necessary, but nice to have)

____ **“White noise” machine   Homedics HDS-2000 Deep Sleep II

____ *Hangers-3 dozen or more

____   Closet “size” organizers (optional)-to organize the different sizes of baby clothes

____ *Nursery clock  – an electric clock with light up display

____ *Backup battery for the clock

____ *Small trash can for nursery

____ *Flashlight and extra batteries (one in nursery & others in the house