Gentle Blessings offers the most comprehensive, complete newborn care courses on the market.

newborn care courses

We teach basic and advanced methods of sleep training, reflux, multiples, and preemies to name a few. We provide scientific research to back up the methods we use and cover every angle of non-medical newborn care.

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We offer Failure to Thrive, The Death of a Baby, Radical Attention Deficit, Communication, Sleep Conditioning and Sleep Training along with how to do consultations. We also offer additional videos in our classes to show you other expert opinions. We will not be offering optional classes because we include all the optional classes in this course. If you are looking for a class to take for hours for NCSA certification, you may take a pay-as-you-go class. 

There are multiple ways to take our courses: 

Newborn Care Workshops

Our in-person classes are an experience you should not miss!  This is not your ordinary class.  Our basic classes are more than basic. We cover more newborn issues than any other basic course.  We include many advanced issues.  We have fun while we learn.  We laugh, we cry, we discuss different options, we teach the scientific research that explains the reason behind great newborn care and we listen to our student's questions and their concerns.  Lastly, we network and socialize.  We get to know our students who we mentor for a lifetime.

Included in this experience is a full-color manual that you can take home with you and review all we learned in class and more.  Many people refer to this manual as the 'Bible of Newborn Care.'   The manual is included without an extra cost.  We teach three different courses:

  • Basic Newborn Care Specialist Course
  • Basic Newborn Nanny Course
  • Holistic Newborn Complete Course
Classes are posted as they are booked.  Check the website for a class near you and sign up early for the best price.  We have Early Bird prices for every class.  
Come to class free by booking a class in your city.   


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