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Karla c.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Nancy! I truly appreciate all of your very thorough input and you taking the time to help me. I feel much more confident in my approach now and have some golden nuggets of wisdom for them (and myself for future clients) now that I want sure of before speaking with you. Thank you once again for all of your help an support!

Casey March

I know you are a busy woman, but I just want to quickly say that so far the positive reviews about you have been absolutely true. Thank you for your prompt, interested responses. This is a jewel of a course, and it seems to reflect the person you are. Have a good, blessed day.


Highly recommended! Class and lodging as well! I had an amazing time! Nancy is just the best of the best! Would take her class over and over again. There is always something new to learn! I’ve taken it already twice! So glad I also stayed at her house last time. She is just marvelous.


Thank you so much for spending the last three days with me and sharing all your wonderful baby knowledge with me! I am so glad I decided to make the trip and not just watch the videos. It was so valuable to be able to ask questions as they came up and to be assured that I understood the concept and the information around the topic we were discussing.


Nancy’s course for aspiring Newborn Care Specialists (through her company Gentle Ventures) is full of information, and really helped me feel confident as I started working with parents of new babies. She is a no-nonsense, extremely experienced individual who surely gives her clients and students a strong sense of security as well as a great base of knowledge. She is also very willing to help her students develop their businesses, network, and succeed.


I took your one on one class August 4-6 of 2015, and it was compelling! I understand how it could have easily gone into another day. I have raised 3 children to adulthood and been around countless babies throughout my 50 plus years, but the up to date information you constantly provided left me in awe. All the support, and confidence you showed in me was so personable, you truly have a gift. Talk about getting my money’s worth! Your course truly covers this field from one end to the other, top to bottom, and still you seemed to be constantly updating it with the latest information! I can’t wait to get started with my internship, and with all the tools and resources provided, I got this! Your amazing, keep inspiring, your so much more than a teacher/ICS!


I love the experience I got with Nancy’s course for aspiring Newborn Care Specialists ( Gentle Ventures). It is full of information, and really helped me feel confident that I could do a great job helping new parents with their Newborns. She is a no-nonsense, lovely, extremely experienced individual who gives her students a strong sense of security as well as a great base of knowledge. She is also very willing to help her students develop their businesses, network, and succeed. We shared some wonderful memories in her class as well as her hospitality in her home.


Hi Nancy, Thank you so much! I really enjoyed your class. The information about the DHA, mineral oil and other chemicals in topicals were very interesting and new to me. In addition, I loved how evidence based your information was about swaddling. Ifound it very useful! Thank you again! I am recommending another person to take your course. She should be taking it within the next few months once she finishes her other certification. She is also a Registered Nurse.

Vanessa RN

I am also a doula and I found the NCS course to be very informative and in more detail than my previous training as far as newborns goes. I am much more confident now going into a home and caring solely for the newborn. Thanks for a great class and course.

Ana Martinez

Yay! I took the classes, which was so fun by the way, then took my exam. I passed with a 97%. I have to admit, I would have failed without the training. Thank you Katie and Julie.

Karinna Kosch-Matthews

My friend Abbie referred me to the course and we took the in person training together. Everyone was so nice that it made the day go by so fast. We learned so much and look forward to many years of being baby nurses.

Janette Kurney

We were referred to Multiple Blessings by a friend who hired Katie as their baby nurse. They glowed about her so we gave it a shot. We ended up hiring one of their featured baby nurses who ended up being a multiple blessing!

M. Brickman

I signed up for the SF training at the last minute and had a great experience in class. Katie, the instructor, was very warm and inviting. She made the two full days fly by. Class was so fun. She followed up with me the day after class and is always quick to return my calls and emails. I recommend her training.


Katie….you are the best!!!! I am so thankful for your course and training and so appreciate you answering my frantic phone call early this morning. The baby went right to sleep after you talked me through it. Glad you were there for me. And yes, I told his mom I called and she sends thanks too.

Cheryl D

We attended the SF class with Katie and her co teacher. It was a fun, detailed class. We had a large group and Katie made us part of the training. We each had our own supplies given to us at the start of class. Katie brought a lot of her own experiences into the training and we had a lot of laughing. We talked about it all the way home. She was so nice.

Meyva Idollis

I was very nervous attending a class by myself and told Katie that over the phone. When I arrived at class she welcomed me and made me very comfortable. She sat me in the front near her and when we did the group interaction she made sure I was included. She was very kind and gold hearted. The class was fun and taught me a lot. I can’t thank Katie enough for taking the time to make me fit in. This was the best experience for me in a long time.


This class rocks!!! Enough said…can’t recommend it enough!

T Donovan

It’s amazing what I know now!! THE BEST! And Katie Thanks for all your help!! :)

Kris Bee

I have been a fan of Katie and Nancy for years and always have a good time when they put these events together! Thank you again for yet another epic event!! I met some really great ladies and had a blast! I will always continue to commend and support this industry of Newborn Care Specialist. I have been a believer since the first day my wife, Ashlee Vavao, has joined this industry. Thank you bunches! Love you guys


Was a pleasure meet both of you at master workshop week a go really good experience really interesting thank you.


Thank you so much Katie and Nancy. It was an amazing weekend. Learned lots and made some new friends.


It was an amazing experience! Thank you Nancy Nels Hamm and Katie!!!


I had such an amazing learning experience, and I am thankful for Nancy and Katie being at the forefront of this profession.


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